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January 15th, 2015 in
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What makes a good e-commerce site

E-commerce and online shopping is more popular than ever these days. Consumers can easily find what they want within a few clicks and don't even need to leave the house. If your e-commerce website is harder to navigate than the city centre on a busy saturday afternoon, you'll risk driving customers away and directing them to your competitors.

So what makes a good online shopping experience?

  • Navigation should be simple and easy. Categories for products should be clear, and the path it takes to get to each page should be displayed as 'breadcrumbs' (for example, Home > Accessories > Jewellery) so that users can easily move back and forth and not get lost in the site.

  • A functional search bar. A search bar is a very useful tool on an e-commerce site. It allows customers to directly find the product they're looking for without having to manually look around for it. As the main point of online shopping is convenience and ease of use, if your search bar doesn't work, people won't want to use your site.

  • Security is essential. If your customers are going to part with their money on your website, they'll want to know that it is 100% secure. Having an SSL Certificate is vital not just for the security of your customers, but as a trust signal for your websites visitors.

  • Buying should be easy. Again, people usually shop online because of the simple, stress-free experience of purchasing what they want within a few clicks. Your site should have a simple checkout page that clearly shows the precise cost of what they're buying, and the payment methods they can use.

  • Your site should be optimised for mobile devices. Your site should be responsive, fitting to any screen or device. This is good not only for user experience, but also for SEO, as Google prefers mobile friendly sites. 40% of people say that they will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If you're looking to start doing business online, or need a revamp on your current e-commerce site give us a call.


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