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July 26th, 2019 in
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100 Years of Tour de France's Iconic Yellow Jersey

Le Maillot Jaune.
Thanks to the recent Gilet Jaune movement in France most of us know this is something yellow, and Tour de France fans can probably skip this introduction and translation pointers to the good bits below. 'The Yellow Jersey' or 'Vest' is the English translation and for those rookies who don't follow much cycling, it's what the winner of each stage of the Tour de France proudly wears.


There are 23 stages over 21 days that cover around 3,500km (or 2,200 miles for us Anglophiles) and is traditionally held in July each year. If that wasn't quite enough numbers for you, 2019 marks 100 years since the introduction of the iconic Yellow Jersey in 1919, and this year the organisers have something a little special up their short sleeves.

To mark this centenary the winners of each stage will be lucky enough to have their Yellow Jerseys customised with the route they won, and their name and title of the route emblazoned onto the Jersey. All this magic is performed after each stage by French sports clothing brand Le Coq Sportif who have made all of this years jerseys.

Chris Froome sporting the Maillot Jaune in 2016

But fans fear not, although these shirts will be the rarest of the rare and an honour to win, there will be replica versions created so you can get a piece of the excitement for yourself. They will be similar to the shirts but based on three visuals instead of the French landmarks and Tour de France winners that grace the official jerseys. The replicas will feature the Atomium, a mountain landscape and the Arc de Triomphe, perfect for fans and aspiring cyclists alike.

All 21 of the unique jersey designs can be found on the Tour de France website and its worth a look whether you love the Tour de France, French culture or just the colour yellow.


So as we buckle in for the final few days of the Tour de France we'll not only be seeing who wins, but who gets the chance to sport some of the rarest designs for one of the most popular sporting events in the world (and who can really pull off the colour yellow).

If this wasn't enough cycling news for you, here at DW Design we've also designed a team jersey for cycling giants Raleigh and also brochures, catalogues, packaging and much more. Check out our design work below!


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