How to pick the colours for your brand

When your business is first starting up, it's absolutely essential you get your branding spot on. Picking colours synonymous with your business is crucial, especially when the colours you use can mean more than meets the eye...

We believe that the way colours make people think and feel can give a huge insight into what would work best for your brand. Certain colours can evoke certain feelings, for example, Green is associated with the environment, recycling and organic foods and is often used by companies to highlight their ethical credentials.

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Blue is associated with professionalism and authority, and is considered to be a colour that evokes a sense of trust in people. This is perhaps why the big 3 social networks, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn use it in their logo. It is also commonly used for banks, finance and insurance companies.


It's also worth considering that colours symbolise different things in other cultures. For example, in Chinese culture red is the colour of luck and happiness, whereas in other cultures it's associated with danger and caution. Therefore, it's important to bear in mind your target audience when choosing your colour way.;

There's plenty of useful tools and resources to help you pick a colour palette for your logo, print and website. The web-based app randomly generates colour schemes. Adobe also have a similar tool, Adobe Color CC, formally known as Adobe Kuler.

Coolors The super fast color palettes generator

It's also worth bearing in mind that whatever colours you pick for your brand, you'll possibly need a logo that works in monochrome. Often you might find your logo needs to be printed on black and white documents, and to keep your brand consistent your logo should be fairly flexible.

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