30Plus and Middy Catalogues

This is the fifth year that we have designed the 30Plus and Middy catalogues.

This year the client wanted a completely new look for the 30Plus catalogue. The brief explained that the design should focus on the products from a trade point of view and that each product information should be detailed in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Czech.)

We re-designed the catalogue with a modern look following the brand that we had developed for the 30Plus packaging range. Using clean typography, easy to read spec tables and useful icons, we created a design that was easy to follow regardless of the end user's language.

The flexible grid page layout we designed allowed us to incorporate the clear product shots that we photographed in our studio and large lifestyle images that 30Plus provided. Even though the 30Plus product range has grown in the past 12 months our new structured layout meant that we were able to reduce the size of the catalogue from 80 pages to 72 pages, resulting in a considerable saving in print costs for the client.

30plus middy catalogue design 1

30plus middy catalogue design 2-3

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